Fishco Marketing serving the needs of those with an appetite for the highest quality food products available. Fishco Marketing was incorporated as a family run business with over 20 years of experience in the Food and Seafood Business.

Fishco Marketing’s Seafood Division is a seafood brokerage, procurement and distribution company that believes in long-term development and utilization of the world’s best sustainable fisheries that ensures and represents that our seafood producers are highly conscious of the social and economic responsibility of sustainable seafood and food production through conservation management, good manufacturing practices and the promotion of robust ecosystems. All of our suppliers and partners have integrated state of the art processing equipment into their facilities that are monitored continuously throughout production cycles that allow us to procure some of the cleanest, safest, freshest, and high quality sustainable seafood and food products in the world.

Before we created our first account, we all agreed and vowed to only procure the finest of foods; we take care of our products with an infusion of passion and care. Our Customers are happy and agree that Fishco Marketing deliver the best and freshest high quality products available at competitive prices.

Fishco Marketing is committed to delivering only the finest and freshest of foods available. All of our products are carefully screened by quality control experts to ensure safe high quality food. All products are procured from sustainable sources. Our hassle-free shipping policy ensures that ordering from Fishco Marketing is a real treat!